LEDs are the Lamps of the Future

There is a big variety of LED-Products on the market available, and the end-user knows about the advantages of such products. In terms of efficiency there is no better solution available. These mass-products are one side of the LED-technology. On the other side there are a lot of applications which need the same quality in light on the long term. This is the point where the professionals of CLP GmbH come into the business. A lot of experience and know-how are the arguments for customers to contact CLP GmbH for development and production purposes.

Quality in light is the advantage in competition

Without any question the long-term quality of light is the key element to success. Also, when exchanging a part of lamps in a big public installation, there must be no visible difference between the old and new parts. This is one of the speciallities of the CLP GmbH. Sophisticated solutions in heat management and a lot of years of experience lead to more and more cleverly devised solutions.

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Our Service for LED-Solutions

  • Development of LED-Modules
  • Solutions for Heat-Management
  • Design to Cost
  • LED-Modules
  • Supply-Chain-Management
  • Optimization of Cost
  • Workshops: LED-Light technology