Privacy is matter near to our hearts, far beyond any legal obligation. As we are taking care of the confidentiality and integrity of your project files and documents, we are doing what is within our possibilities to protect you and your personal data.

A main step in order to achieve this, is to prevent unnecessary data from being generated in the first place. For this, we abstain from using social media or user-tracking on this website. Also, the system’s functions for storing user entries and IP addresses have been deactivated.

Likewise, we protect both your corporate and personal data when handling regular business operations. For this, we abstain from using cloud computing (aside from the non-disengageable functions of smartphone operating systems). Instead, your data remains on our own, self-administered systems within well-protected environment. External data backups are stored on highly encrypted devices.

Questions on privacy can be placed at any time by phone, fax, letter or email to Because for us, protecting your data is part of a trustful cooperation with you.

Our formal privacy statement for this website (acc. to EU-GDPR and german BDSG) can be found here (german, PDF document, opens in new browser tab).